Monday, September 24, 2012

Blogging from my phone

It will be much easier for me to blog using my phone since my laptop is pretty much not my laptop anymore... LoL my dad basically uses it the whole day from 3pm when he gets home. Then I work in the morning till 5 so yes for sure i can't use it. Haha. I usually take my swatch pics using my phone so it should be ok. To test if this will work.. Here is a picture that i took using my phone. I wish i am able to rotate the pictures or move it to wherever i want but this application from blogger has limited functions. I cant even view other blogs! The only thing i can do is post.  Anyway, just want to let you guys know that i will be having a blog sale soon. Most of the polishes i got are htf. I spent most of my time dusty hunting and in some stores i got lucky. I am not trying to rip people off but i really need the money and doing this blog sale will definitely help me even for a little bit. I hope you guys believe me. If i was to cheat you guys i would've just opened an ebay account and list my polishes there instead. Till next time!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am sorry!!

IM ALIVE!!  for those who read my blog.. I thank you! really from the bottom of my heart.  I see few people view my page but never comment but i still wanna thank you guys for showing interest in my page. But yes! I am still alive :) been neglecting this blog but i still catch up with my fav blogs. Ive been really busy thats all and my laptop died :( Anyway my nails grew long. They were nice and strong and then it started peeling again and they eventually broke one by one. Maybe because of work too since I've been working almost everyday and setting up isles and such. Anyway... For this swatch I used Orly - Fowl Play. The application was fine, no issues there. This polish is dark purple with flakies. I loved how this one looked inside the bottle. However, there was something about it that I didn't like. Honestly, after taking pictures I immediately took this polish off and put a new one. Till next time :)  Happy polishing everyone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks to NailXchange & Nail Polish Canada -- & Sorry I was MIA!

So, I joined a giveaway by nailXchange. It was actually a last minute thing and funny thing is I won lol and I've never won anything! LOL. Thanks to nailXchange for having the giveaway and random org for picking me lol. Especially thanks to  Nail Polish Canada for providing the prize for the giveaway. Anyway I went to pick up the package at the post office because I missed the delivery yesterday. I was really excited when I opened it up. I don't know when they shipped this but I replied on Feb. 14 to Sylwia and it got here on Feb. 21. If they shipped the same day it only took about a week to get here and the package came from Vancouver, BC. Very fast shipping indeed.

Here is what I got!

close up of the extra plate I picked. This is Konad  plate m85.
YAY! I can't wait to try this plate! I just love love full image plates. The stamper and scraper will be just my backups and I will definitely use the image plates and the special polishes.

Thanks for reading! :) I am happy to be back!

Monday, October 17, 2011

OPI Suede - OPI Ink Swatch

Last month I bought my first two suede polish. Both of them are from the OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009. First one I swatched is OPI Ink.This polish is actually more on the purple side-- my cellphone camera is making it too blue! So please consider that lol. This was two coats.

No top coat

No top coat
I am still unsure if I like the suede finish. LOL. So I decided to put top coat.. here are the swatches. Again this is too blue -- this polish is more on the purple side :)

With top coat

With top coat

I love it with top coat! It just shows its true beauty when you put top coat right? Look at all that shimmer!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Enter Spellbinding Nails: 1000 Giveaway!

Westside Warrior Swatch

Yippee! an army green polish! :D I love love love this polish!

onto pics:

Please excuse the bubble on my ring finger I was in a rush to put this polish on and I used a base coat and it bubbled -- too lazy to take it off so yeah. lol

What do you guys think?

Till next time!