Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I don't know why I haven't posted this pic. this is my favorite nail design. I used a fauxnad plate from Bundle Monster plate #BM14. I used china glaze in Snow as a base coat. I used two coats of that and used Color club in Jackie Oh! for the top part of the cupcake and I think I used L.A. girl in Obsidian for the bottom part.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

HAUL!!! :)

So today I received my order from Transdesign. One thing I can say about their shipping??? MAN ITS FAST! I believe they shipped the order on friday the 11th and it arrived today! exactly a week the down side of it... I had to pay 35 dollars for shipping :( it is coz I live in Canada and I ordered like 13 polishes... well not all of them are mine... 6 is for my friend and the rest are mine. Ok so onto the haul :) I ordered 5 crackle polishes except concrete--- felt like i dont need it (ok so honestly i just dont like it lol) anyway and my friend and I -- who is also a nail polish addict went out to check our favourite nail polish store to see if they have already the stock from the achors away collection. They did have some of the collection like 5 colors to be exact but they dont carry the one i want. I also saw that they have the crackle polishes except the pink one weird right? I only got one color which is the happy go lucky from china glaze. So after we went to the mall as she had to buy something and then we went to sephora and I went straight to the nail polish section and looked for the stuff on sale. The sephora nail polish are regularly 12 dollars each - i know very expensive! Anyway I found the sale section and found 5 colors on sale. Budget is very tight so I only got 3 and they were 6 dollars each. When I got home I immediately took out my day old polish and tried Sephora by OPI IM beauty which im really disappointed with because its so sheer I despise sheer nail polishes because it takes too much time when your putting it on. Being all excited about the CG crackle polishes I took the pink one and put it over IM beauty :) on my accent nail I just stamped with a fauxnad plate from bundle monster :) anyway!  ps. pls ignore the messy application I am just too lazy to clean up :P I was too excite to take pics! lol anyway Here are some pics:

 I love this color combo! I will definitely also do black stamping over IM Beauty.

Here are the pics of the polishes that I picked up from Sephora.

Happy Go Lucky :)

Lets get crackin! ps. cracked concrete is not mine. lol

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GIVEAWAYS by other bloggers :)

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My mani for today :)

I wasn't sleepy at all so i decided to change my mani. Here are the products I used:
 Here is the before look (one coat each):

Finished look:

I tried to put the shatter differently. It looks messy because I was rushing to put the polish because it dries so fast...anyway i still I like it. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NailTek foundation II - Ridge filling nail strengthener

 Name says it all. lol since my nails are really brittle... it breaks and peels a lot. I just got this yesterday,,so I used this as a base when i painted my nails. I guess you have to use 2 coats.. i only did one and i can feel the ridge is still there. oh well lol. will try again maybe soon when i change my nail polish. LOL do you guys have this? yay or nay? 

picture is mine!


So yesterday instead of studying... i decided to paint my nails because i was sooo bored >.< I know bad right? I am into holographic nail polishes right now. I currently have four - 2 from china glaze and 2 from color club. The holo nail polish i used here is china glaze "He's going in circles" from the Kaleidoscope collection. The other nail polish is also from china glaze "Beauty and the beach". It's a teal/ turquoise color (I LOVE IT ).
Sorry for the sloppiness and my nails are short right now since clinical just finished last week lol. I just love this combination :) I added the last picture so you guys can see the holographic effect :)
do you guys like holo nail polish?
Pictures are mine.

Look at the holo-ness of that! :)


Sally Hansen - instant strength

I have really brittle nails this thing definitely works for me - keeps my nail stronger :) I put it as a base coat and sometimes as a top coat. My only problem the consistency got a lot thicker compared to when i first got it.. maybe because I used it too much.. hence the picture --- most are gone lol but I will buy this again definitely! have you guys tried this? love it or hate it? 

Seche Vite Top Coat

Love this top coat! It dries my nail polish really fast :) I forgot how much I got it for but for sure ladies try it! It makes my nail polishes last. The consistency is not runny at all which i thought was going to make a difference with the drying time.. Aren't thicker consistency take longer to dry? ... Oh well whatever, it works so its fine :) I do need to buy a nail polish thinner soon :( this is already so thick and im not even done the bottle >.<

 * picture is mine :)

What do you guys think about this top coat? Love it or Hate it?