Monday, September 26, 2011

First time - Sponged mani

hey ladies,

how are you all doing?

Random: My family and I went to a Japanese buffet called Oishi Sushi last night which is close to our house for a celebration because it was my cousins birthday and let me tell you I was a happy girl last night. LOL here is what I basically ate all night.
Unlimited order of Dynamite roll! :D
Sushi anyone? LOL


This mani was done 2 days ago. I haven't been able to post here because my internet was being lame! anyway this was the first time I actually used sponging technique and I really like how it turned out.

For the base I used OPI's do you lilac it? then I sponged a darker purple polish from Joe Fresh - I forgot the name I'll edit this and post the name later :P 

Without top coat
I liked it however I didn't feel like it was complete so then I stamped it using my XL image plate from ebay. Stamping was a fail but it still looked pretty to me.

So, here is the final result :)
With Flash

No Flash

Do you like sponging? what's your favourite combo?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IM BACK with a HAUL!

Sorry i've been MIA again.. just been busy studying for my license exam and what not. 6 weeks before we get the result and I am frikkin scared! :( I don't think I passed it anyway but whatever.

Anyway onto nails!

This past weekend my family and I drove to Rochester, NY and man it was hella fun! I asked one of my closest friend to tag along with us -- who is also a nail polish addict ;) I mainly went because I wanted to go nail polish shopping LOL. Well what I can say? it I was pretty successful. Although, I regretted not getting more OPI polishes but it's okay coz I know I will/can go back there again! :D

Here is what I got :P

OMG goulish glow!! :D
Oh, I just realized Out the Door should be with the picture below lol.

Got these from Sallys -- 1.99 polishes?
HELL YA! I regularly pay 6.99-7.99 for those here in Toronto.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How I store my small image plates..

Hi Lovely Ladies!

Today, I will show you how I store my image plates.

How it was stored before: When I only had the first set of image plates from Bundle Monster and 3 from Konad (I don't buy from Konad anymore it's too expensive lol). I had them stacked together wrapped in plastic and inside a small make up bag.

Why I changed it: Well, it was a pain in the butt to take them out and put them back in and sometimes my plastic will be ripped on the side (Old BM plates have sharp edges)  keeping it like that is just waiting for an accident to happen lol. Another reason was if you stack them together and you are looking for the plate you want -- you can get the image plates ruined because again BM edges were sharp. I am careful with my things and I don't want my plates scratched lol.

How I store it now: After I received my second Bundle Monster set I decided I needed to change how I was storing it because even if they had that blue plastic cover - I wouldn't keep it forever like that. Sooner or later I have to take the film out and use the plate. So, I was putting down stock at my work place one day and saw these clear plastic card holders. It was in the clearance section and I got it for 1.05 I believe? LOL.Here is a picture:

Isn't it just a perfect fit? I took those card holders and put them in a binder that I used to use for school.

However, this is not as effective as I thought it would be. Yeah, I know my plates are safe..but they slide around and the top is basically open and all of them will fall out if you hold the binder upside down. Now I am just thinking of what I will do with the opening.. maybe i will put a tape to cover it? IDK lol.

Another pic:

Any suggestions on how to keep the top somewhat closed?

How do you guys store your image plates?? let me know on the comments section below :)

** my XL image plate swatches post is postponed -- still working on the video, I am trying to put music at least LOL.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Polishes that I hauled in one day :P  -- Sally Hansen beauties.. and one NYC and one Rimmel LOL.

Here are the pics:

These are great for stamping, my favourite one is the dark pink.     

A lonely - one coater NYC red polish

Got another bottle of Urban Chic for frankens or swapping :) 

I usually don't go for nudes however this one has blue/ purple shimmer on it

See what I mean? LOL

I wonder if this polish will be good for stamping.. hmmm

No, it's not another red.. It's a darkened red. Another one coater :)

This one is really sheer on its own. However, I wonder how it will look over black.

                                             Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure
FLAKIES!! Yeah, I didn't need it but I still got it -- maybe for swapping or a future giveaway?

If you want to know the names.. comment down below and ask away and I will surely get back to you.

That's all for today folks :)

My next post will probably be the swatches of the plate my friend got for me from Philippines. Stay tuned!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

GOSH holographic!

A package from heaven came! :D
So, I asked a friend from London if she could get me a certain polish that is htf here. Well.. she surprised me and sent me two! and when I was about to pay her she insisted that it was a gift :D She's one of my friends that do not understand my nail polish addiction but gladly got it for me. Thanks Rachelle! you are the best!

Now, honestly my lemming for China Glaze's OMG is way gone since this one is better (more holo). Good thing I held back and did not purchase OMG from ebay for a hefty price! Anywhooo here are some swatches.

With Flash
Different angle with flash
No Flash

How was application, you ask? it was a pain in the butt! LOL it can be really patchy if you are not careful. Also, for me thin coats works best because I tried to do a thick one and it didn't work it became uneven because this polish dries too fast. If you look at the bottle in person it may seem like it's just a regular silver polish but when applied and it dries -- you will be amazed. I was staring at my nails for the longest time -- I even showed it to my brothers and they think I've gone crazy! LOL.

NOTE: I applied china glaze top coat and the holo was toned down - bleh I wasn't able to take pics maybe next time I wear this I will. Maybe if I use seche vite or another top coat it would stay the same.. IDK we'll see. It chipped on me the next day that's another disadvantage of this polish.

The photos were taken with my phone so sorry for the quality. I know my hands are dry..I was just lazy to put lotion after I did my nails lol.

So, would you guys wear this polish even w/o top coat or wear a top coat to save the polish from chipping?