Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IM BACK with a HAUL!

Sorry i've been MIA again.. just been busy studying for my license exam and what not. 6 weeks before we get the result and I am frikkin scared! :( I don't think I passed it anyway but whatever.

Anyway onto nails!

This past weekend my family and I drove to Rochester, NY and man it was hella fun! I asked one of my closest friend to tag along with us -- who is also a nail polish addict ;) I mainly went because I wanted to go nail polish shopping LOL. Well what I can say? it I was pretty successful. Although, I regretted not getting more OPI polishes but it's okay coz I know I will/can go back there again! :D

Here is what I got :P

OMG goulish glow!! :D
Oh, I just realized Out the Door should be with the picture below lol.

Got these from Sallys -- 1.99 polishes?
HELL YA! I regularly pay 6.99-7.99 for those here in Toronto.
These are from Traci's blog sale
I asked if she can send it to my Aunts house for cheaper shipping :D
Thanks Traci! :D 

If you would like to know the names -- I will gladly provide them to you I am just too lazy to list all of them here LOL.

Let me tell you - we went to this mall and of course I forgot the name. We were just walking and my friend saw this nail polish store and we went in and they were selling OPI for 5.50 (I think?) I regret not picking up any OPI but oh well! next time I will be getting OPI and China Glaze from there :)

I promised my boyfriend that starting next month I will TRY to limit myself to 5 nail polish a month (China Glaze,Essie, OPI etc.) LOL. We'll see how it goes. My friend doesn't believe I can do it but heyyyyy I said I'll TRY. Prisms and other cheaper Sally Hansen polish doesn't count of course lol!

Have you've been hauling lately?

Till next time!


  1. awesome haul!! where did u get that orly...sallies?!

  2. @Mariano, i got it from a store inside the mall that we went to. lol I don't know the name though sorry!


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