Saturday, September 3, 2011

GOSH holographic!

A package from heaven came! :D
So, I asked a friend from London if she could get me a certain polish that is htf here. Well.. she surprised me and sent me two! and when I was about to pay her she insisted that it was a gift :D She's one of my friends that do not understand my nail polish addiction but gladly got it for me. Thanks Rachelle! you are the best!

Now, honestly my lemming for China Glaze's OMG is way gone since this one is better (more holo). Good thing I held back and did not purchase OMG from ebay for a hefty price! Anywhooo here are some swatches.

With Flash
Different angle with flash
No Flash

How was application, you ask? it was a pain in the butt! LOL it can be really patchy if you are not careful. Also, for me thin coats works best because I tried to do a thick one and it didn't work it became uneven because this polish dries too fast. If you look at the bottle in person it may seem like it's just a regular silver polish but when applied and it dries -- you will be amazed. I was staring at my nails for the longest time -- I even showed it to my brothers and they think I've gone crazy! LOL.

NOTE: I applied china glaze top coat and the holo was toned down - bleh I wasn't able to take pics maybe next time I wear this I will. Maybe if I use seche vite or another top coat it would stay the same.. IDK we'll see. It chipped on me the next day that's another disadvantage of this polish.

The photos were taken with my phone so sorry for the quality. I know my hands are dry..I was just lazy to put lotion after I did my nails lol.

So, would you guys wear this polish even w/o top coat or wear a top coat to save the polish from chipping?


  1. omg I am in love with this! I live in London but cannot get this polish anywhere, where did your friend get it?

  2. @ER-Nails I will ask her and get back to you :)

  3. thats a truly great friend you have there.! ive been searching for this nail polish & even when im willing to pay more than i think its worth .they dont ship to the US. BOO!! . hahahhaa it looks great on you .!

  4. @Maria Yeah, I was really touched when she told me it was a gift because I already felt bad asking her to go and search it for me lol. I am already planning of sending her a package but I don't know what to get her. LOL. This had been a lemming of mine since i've seen the swatches. If i ever get the courage to ask her for it again I will contact you so you can get your hands on this polish :)


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