Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Polishes that I hauled in one day :P  -- Sally Hansen beauties.. and one NYC and one Rimmel LOL.

Here are the pics:

These are great for stamping, my favourite one is the dark pink.     

A lonely - one coater NYC red polish

Got another bottle of Urban Chic for frankens or swapping :) 

I usually don't go for nudes however this one has blue/ purple shimmer on it

See what I mean? LOL

I wonder if this polish will be good for stamping.. hmmm

No, it's not another red.. It's a darkened red. Another one coater :)

This one is really sheer on its own. However, I wonder how it will look over black.

                                             Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure
FLAKIES!! Yeah, I didn't need it but I still got it -- maybe for swapping or a future giveaway?

If you want to know the names.. comment down below and ask away and I will surely get back to you.

That's all for today folks :)

My next post will probably be the swatches of the plate my friend got for me from Philippines. Stay tuned!!


  1. Try those Foot Foil Sally Hansens for stamping, they work awesome! And those Opals are great over black!

  2. @nailXchange yeah, I only got it coz I knew it would be great for stamping lol! Will try and layer the Opal one on black soon :D


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