Wednesday, October 5, 2011

China Glaze -- Vertical Rush Swatch

I was bored and thought -- maybe I should change my polish? LOL. My bf usually hates it when I change my polish often - he usually says that I'm just wasting the polish when I just put them on yesterday or 2 days before.
I usually change it when it's chipped, when I'm bored and when I feel like I don't like the color anymore! LOL. I have a diff polish today but I wore this polish which is China Glaze Vertical Rush 2 weeks ago.

Here are some swatches
With Flash

No Flash
 If you look closer you will see this polish has blue,purple, gold?, red, and pink particles -- Which I think makes this polish a little unique.

What do you guys think?

Till next time! :D Have a great day! 


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