Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sexy Darkened Red - Rimmel Red Rock

Here is another mani that I did a month ago. LOL I usually take pics but been lazy to post them up so here I am trying to catch up and post everything lol. I will try to keep on posting every MWF :)

Side note: I am so thankful for the people who followed this blog -- even though sometimes I just talk/type too much. I also appreciate people who actually comment on my posts :) When I reach 50 followers I will host a small giveaway for sure - just a thank you to guys :)

Anyway here are the pics

Name: Rimmel -- Red Rock

no topcoat

no topcoat

with topcoat

This polish is very shiny once dried as you can see from the photos. It is also a one coater which is a very big PLUS for me. As for drying time it's ok. It's not that bad :)
Would you guys know which ones have a top coat on the pic above??

wanna guess??

well.. from L to R -- topcoat, no topcoat, topcoat. Don't 3 of them look the same?

What do you think about this polish?




It's a fried calamari deep fried on spicy ketchup. Served with mayo and like a springroll wrapper (also fried). It was so yummy! My friends and I went around downtown Toronto and ate a restaurant called Guu. This place was fairly new to me and when we came in the host greeted us and spoke Japanese and all of the workers were screaming something. LOL later on we found out they were saying Irashaimase which means welcome in Japanese. To every customer that would enter they would shout and it was so loud inside. It was fun though the atmosphere wasn't quiet and you feel relaxed. 

till next time!


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